Dry Island’s current owner, Ian McWhinney, is a descendent of the Mackenzies who have lived, fished and farmed around Gair Loch since the 15th Century. Ian still fishes for shellfish from the Island as well as offering hospitality to visitors to the Island with his wife Jess.

Working together they make a living from selling shellfish that Ian catches, most of it is sold abroad but some makes its way to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants in London, and some is sold by us at the Poolewe Tuesday Market. Jess and Ian have been welcoming guests to their self-catering cottages for 25 years now, giving others a chance to spend time on their beautiful island retreat.

Ian also runs boat trips – his “Shellfish Safaris” – that you might like to try when you come to visit. Catch yourself a supper of finest langoustines, crab or squat lobster and then sit out on the terrace watching the stars come out or, if you’re lucky, the spectacular Northern Lights. However you want to relax and unwind, Dry Island has so much to offer.

The Kingdom of Islonia

In 2010 running up to the General Election, we didn’t know who to vote for. So instead we declared Independence!

As a guest you will receive an Islonian Passport and will have the opportunity to become a Citizen of Islonia.